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Tornade MS pickups are faithful reproductions of the vintage models, hand wound using the same magnets and wires (brand, type and diameter) than the ones of the golden era (50’s-60’s).Continue readingIn regards to


Tornade MS basses & guitars pickups are handmade and HAND WOUNDED, following meticulously the specifications used by Fender and Gibson during the golden era.

Scatter winding was the method used by Fender until Leo Fender sold the company to CBS on January 1965.

Those pickups offer more tonal complexity, exhibit more harmonics in addition to an increased dynamic response. They allow a perfect reproduction of the “touch” of the guitarist. (FIND OUT MORE).

Our pickups are made in France, using carefully selected material and wires (Forbon, Plain Enamel, Heavy Formvar). We do provide a custom order service, we can adapt the specs of our pickups to your needs : type of wire, overwinding, alnico grade etc.