Deck d’Arcy, bassist from Phoenix band chose “Mustang Bass Special” Tornade MS.


JTM45 Amp (Drake Style) Mercury Magnetics, played by Brice Delage :


JTM45 Amp Radiospares Mercury Magnetics, played by Brice Delage :


Vibroverb Amp played by Brice Delage: 



AC-15 Tornade MS for Michael Jones. 

Michael Jones will be on stage with his two avec  AC-15 Tornade MS head for “autour de la guitare” with Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Paul Personne and other talented guitarists.

Michael Jones 2


Tele’55 set in the hands of Arnaud Fradin with Malted Milk/Toni Green.



P.A.F ’59 Alnico 2 set in the Les Paul Classic “Bigsby” for Sébastien Chouard.

Seb Chouard LP


Bombshell loaded with P.A.F ’59 Tornade MS.