Fuzz Face Germanium NKT Low Gain (white stripe) Newmarket NOS 60s


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Fuzz Face Germanium NKT270 Low Gain (white stripe) New Old Stock 1960s.

Equipped with original “Newmarket Transistors LTD” manufactured in the 60s by the English brand which at the time supplied its Germanium transistors to Arbiter Electronics for the Fuzz Face, these transistors are very popular for their thick and unique sound.

The NKT270 has the same tone as the NKT275, but it has a little less gain, so it allows for a better “Clean” at the pot.

This Fuzz Face allows you to go from a clean sound with magnificent character to the most psychedelic Fuzz sound just by playing with the volume knob of the guitar.

This pedal is “Positive Ground” it must be used with a 9 volt battery or be connected to an isolated power output (no chaining of the 9 volts with other pedals). DC plug negative center (standard).

Delivered with a 9 volt battery (the battery must remain in place even when used with a power supply).

Several designs available, you will choose yours based on photos and availability once the order is placed.

Demo by Vivien Verdier :

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