Pure twang!

Alnico 5 Neck and bridge pickups.

“Plain enamel” wire.

Bridge pickup with staggered magnets.

The set is wax potted to make it less sensitive to feedback.

Plate with copper plating.

Tele’62 Custom finish (white string) on request.

215 euros for a set (2) IN STOCK. Contact us and order.

Tele ’55 played by Arnaud Fradin (Malted Milk).


Tele ’55  played by Brice Delage à 01:55.



Samples recorded with a Swamp Ash Tele, Mapple neck.

Played par Yannick CHOUILLET.

Tele ’55 Crunch bridge, middle, neck, JMP amp:

Tele ’55 Country bridge, middle, neck, DrZ MAZ amp:


Tele ’55 played by Arnaud Fradin (Malted Milk).

 Nickel-Silver cover,  chrome or bare, blacken magnets on request. Look ‘Relic’ warranty!

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