The real Fender ’60s tone !!!

Wound with Formvar wire and alnico 5 magnets.

The set is wax potted to make it less sensitive to feedback.

A fat but biting sound.


269 euros for a set (3) IN STOCK. Contact us and order.


Comes with parchment or white covers. Pre-wired pickguard on request (color of choice).


Strat’60s Set played by Yannick Chouillet.


Strat’60s Set plaid by Cyril CAGÉ with a Tornade MS Vibroverb.


Strat’60s Set plaid par Cyril CAGÉ with a  Tornade MS Princeton Reverb.


Samples played with an alder Strat with rosewood fretboard neck.

By Cyril CAGÉ.

Strat’60s middle, Vibroverb amp:

Strat’60s middle/bridge, Vibroverb amp:

Strat’60s bridge, Vibroverb amp:

It is possible to blacken the magnets on request. Look ‘Relic’ warranty!

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