P-90 Soap bar/Dog ear.

Magnets can be either Alnico 2, 3 , 4 or 5, depending on your needs

-Non wax-potted (can be wax-potted on demand)


Set (2) Soap Bar Set with ButyRate (Black or Ivory) Covers- 264 Euros IN STOCK.

Set (2) Soap Bar with ABS (Cream or Black) covers- 239 Euros IN STOCK.


Dog Ear single bridge pickup set  (1) 129 Euros (Black only) IN STOCK.

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-Non wax-potted sets are ultra dynamic and sensitive, they faitfully  transcribe every nuance of your play. 

-Wax-potted sets are recommended for heavy gain players, in order to make it less sensitive to feedback. 

P-90 Set played by Yannick Chouillet.


P-90 Set played by Arnaud FRADIN (Malted Milk).


P-90 Set played by Cyril CAGE.