-Perfect replica of the original P.A.F

-ButyRate bobin, rough AlNiCo magnet, Plain Enamel wire

-Every piece is meticulously selected, depending on types of steel and their sound properties. 


Set (2) 299 Euros with covers IN STOCK. Contact us and order

Nickel, Chrome or bare “relic covers” available. Gold finition in option ( +10 Euros)



-Comes with AlNiCo 2 Magnets : enhanced harmonics, good dynamic, a good balance between AlniCo 3 and 5.

-On demand you can order other AlNiCo magnets : AlNiCo 3 for a softer and bluesier tone, AlNiCo 5 for a brighter tone and an heavier output gain, or AlNiCo 4 with is a good compromise between AlNiCo 2 and 5


-We’re also proposing P.A.F that matches specifications of artists such as Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Slash, Joe Bonamassa… 

-Non wax-potted sets are ultra dynamic and sensitive, they faitfully  transcribe every nuance of your play. 


-Wax-potted sets are recommended for heavy gain players, in order to make it less sensitive to feedback. 


P.A.F Alnico 4 played by Nico Chona.


P.A.F Alnico 2 and Alnico 4 played by Yannick Chouillet.


P.A.F Alnico 2 played by Brice DELAGE, Vibroverb.


P.A.F Alnico 2 played by Cyril CAGE, Vibroverb.



P.A.F Alnico 2 played by Valentin LELEUX.


P.A.F Alnico 2 played by Brice DELAGE, JTM45.


P.A.F Alnico 2 by Cyril CAGE.


Samples by Cyril CAGE.

P.A.F Alnico 2, Les Paul bridge, JTM45, BB preamp:

P.A.F Alnico 2, Les Paul middle/bridge, JTM45, BB preamp:

Samples by Yannick CHOUILLET.

P.A.F Alnico 3 Les Paul bridge overdrive,  JMP amp:

P.A.F Alnico 3, Les Paul middle clean, DrZ MAZ amp:

P.A.F A3 Les Paul neck funk,  DrZ MAZ amp:

P.A.F Alnico 3 Les Paul bridge lead, JMP amp: